پنجشنبه، مرداد ۲۶، ۱۳۸۵

letter to FIFA

Dear Sir or Madam:

15 August 2006

We are writing to you as a Group of the Campaign for Defending Women’s Right to Enter the Stadiums. This letter is coming to you with over a hundred thousand signatures supporting this petition.

As you may know, women football fans in Iran are not allowed to enter the stadiums and watch the games. We have tried during the past two years to convince the Iranian authorities to not deny us the civil right to watch football matches in stadiums. We should inform you that not only there has been no effort by the authorities to remedy the situation, but also we have been faced with physical violence and confiscation of our cameras and personal belongings. Furthermore, some women activists have been repeatedly arrested, interrogated and injured for demanding their rights to watch the games as football fans.

The so called “lack of security for women in sports arenas” has been the excuse for such gender discrimination while it only applies to the Iranian women and women from other nationalities enjoy the freedom to enter the stadiums and watch the games and cheer their national teams.

We believe that gender discrimination of football fans cannot be justified by any means. If the so called “security for women” is an issue, then we expect the Iranian football authorities to take appropriate steps in cooperation with law enforcement officers to ensure security of women audience in stadiums.

Hereby, we are asking for your immediate attention to this issue and we strongly hope your office can work closely with the Iranian football authorities to end discrimination against women football fans.

We appreciate your concern and thank you in advance for your efforts to end gender discrimination in football arenas.


The Co-ordinator Group of the Campaign for Defending Women’s Right to Enter the Stadiums, On Behalf of Iranian Women Football Fans in Tehran,

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